"Women have been written out of history, so we will have to write it ourselves."

My story

Ximena is a Fulbright fellow who earned her Master’s degree in Museum Anthropology at Columbia University in 2016 and her Bachelor of Arts in history at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Cultural Heritage at Birmingham University. Her research area includes memory and identity of migration and the construction of national narratives through museums. She has used oral history as a medium to explore collective and private memory regarding different communities’ experiences.

My Projects


Cuando Conocí a 


A book that invites you on a journey through the memory of those who knew Nemesio Antúnez




Connecting with individuals that I would have never been able to reach through traditional scholar channels.

Image by Jessica Rockowitz

A Home Away

From Home

Latin American Migrant Communities in Chile and Identity Building across Borders (in progress)

My Publications

Contact me

Contact me if you are looking to develop projects related to history, memory and the diffusion of culture through different media. 

Write: ximenaviall@gmail.com

"Cuando Conocí a Nemesio" Book


Tesis en Cultura Gobierno de Chile

Vial, Ximena. 2019. Cuando conocí a Nemesio… Biografía oral sobre la vida de Nemesio Antúnez. Santiago: Ediciones Taller 99.

Vial, Ximena. “Silencios y voces que configuran la memoria del pueblo mapuche en el Museo Histórico Nacional.” Observatorio Cultural, Haz tu Tesis en Cultura gobierno de Chile 2017.


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