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A Home Away From Home

Latin American Migrant Communities in Chile and Identity Building across Borders
(in progress)

Phd research project that aims to broaden the scope beyond existing studies on recent Latin American migration in Chile, in order to consider material culture within the context of contemporary migration. Its purpose is to answer the question on how migrant home’s artifacts and objects participate in the construction of their identity and reflect feelings of belonging, religion and ethnicity.


I intend to explore ordinary migrants’ identities from a micro perspective, focusing on working class Latin Americans that have arrived in Chile during the last two decades. My research will consider the objects that inhabit their homes in order to analyze the construction and preservation of multiple identities. Suggesting that by exploring the homes of recent Latin American migrants and their significance, one can offer insight into their cultural heritage and personal identities which are ongoing practices in people’s imageries.

Image by Jessica Arends
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