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Patreon platform

Site for the creation of content related to history

Visit Ximena Vial's Patreon site created in partnership with Antonia Rosello named: "Historiadicta and Antonia R".

They both studied history and then took different paths, Ximena has developed writing and Antonia illustration in order to portray the stories of the present and the past. They have dedicated themselves to the disseminating of valuable information through writings, drawings and videos for all audiences, touching on themes of history with gender, class and race perspective. The topics published on Patreon follow the same line as those found in @historiadicta and @antoniarosello, however this material is created exclusively and especially for our Patreons. Topics are of interest to people from all over the globe.


Our vision for this space is similar to the one we have in our respective individual jobs, where we seek to democratize information in an entertaining and readable way for everyone. We try to present topics that have not been discussed by traditional history in a critical and analytical way, incorporating themes that arise with the vicissitudes of day to day.


Historiadicta and Antonia R decided to join forces in order to enhance its content, creating a space where we will show the story through videos, illustrations and texts. As we will also open a door to the entire creative process that involves writing, illustrating and moving in the world of art and letters. You can find us in:

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